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  • Constructions

    Constructions Image

    March 19, 2023 - May 24, 2023

    Frank Goff

    Frank Goff's "Constructions" showcases grand monochromatic stone mosaics, highlighting motion through repetition. This exhibition in The Ozark's Botanical Garden features three of Goff's largest masterpieces, seamlessly blending with nature's beauty. Goff's meticulous stone selection and arrangement bring the mosaics to life, capturing viewers in a dance of light and shadow that mirrors the ever-changing rhythms of the natural world. As visitors explore, they'll be captivated by the harmonious fusion of human artistry and nature's repeating patterns. Goff's mosaics celebrate the subtle variations emerging from monochromatic art, inviting contemplation of the deep connection between motion and the allure of repetition. "Constructions" mesmerizes with Goff's artistic vision, revealing the richness and complexity within nature, and offering profound insights into its rhythms.

  • Constructions, Carvings, & Curiosities

    Constructions, Carvings, & Curiosities Image

    Faulkner Performing Arts Center
    453 Garland Avenue, Fayetteville

    June 1, 2023 - July 21, 2023

    Frank Goff

    Born into a military family with roots in Arkansas, Frank Goff was exposed to a rich variety of cultural experiences that influenced his desire to become an artist at an early age. Goff attended The Memphis College of Art and received a B.A. in Art with teaching credentials at Arkansas Tech University and a M.S.E. from The University of Central Arkansas. After retiring from teaching, he relocated to Hot Springs Village, Arkansas where he now works as a full-time professional artist.

    Constructions, Carvings, & Curiosities showcases Goff's love for creating art through various techniques and mediums. His artwork features both two-dimensional and three-dimensional pieces that are inspired by the wonders of the natural world. Through his drawings and scratchboard engravings, Goff seeks to capture the intricate details and stunning beauty of nature in all its forms. His three-dimensional work focuses on creating sculptures that suggest organic forms found in nature, such as plants and animals. He uses direct wood carving techniques to craft each sculpture with precision and care. Once complete, he arranges the sculptures into small-scale tableaus, which serve as inspiration for his two-dimensional works. By inviting viewers to enter the tableau and interpret the setting in their own way, he aims to create an interactive experience that encourages a deeper appreciation for the natural world.

  • Natural Geometries

    Natural Geometries Image

    Putman House
    20 South Hill Avenue, Fayetteville

    July 2, 2023 - August 27, 2023

    Martin Morales

    In "Natural Geometries," Morales seamlessly merges landscape and geometry, employing a mesmerizing color palette influenced by the play of light. Through meticulous division and interweaving of lines, he creates captivating artwork that breathes life into the canvas, offering an immersive experience of lights and shadows.

    Viewers will be captivated by the alternative realm Morales creates, evoking profound emotions through mesmerizing atmospheres, evocative transparencies, and harmonious blends of natural and geometric elements. His recent exploration of round compositions introduces a captivating visual journey, where colors gracefully fade and warm and cold hues blend seamlessly.

    "Natural Geometries'' is a testament to Morales' lifelong dedication to capturing the essence of nature through the lens of geometry and pushing the boundary of what a landscape can be. Transcending conventional boundaries, Morales seeks to stimulate profound sentiments and nurturing a critical mindset in the face of ecological challenges.

  • Represented Artist Showcase

    Represented Artist Showcase Image

    Putman House
    20 South Hill Avenue, Fayetteville

    July 2, 2023 - August 27, 2023

    Cheryl Kellar, Jeffry Cantu, Rani Leia Bondhus

    The AV Represented Artist Showcase features three talented artists in curated exhibitions at the AV Gallery. Cheryl Kellar, a visionary watercolor artist, celebrates women's creativity, individuality, and strength through bold works. Rani Leia Bondhus, using oil paints, reflects her personal journey towards inner peace and promotes mental health dialogue. Jeffry Cantu draws inspiration from his Mexican heritage and travels, creating innovative mixed media abstract sculptures. The showcase offers a unique perspective on art, showcasing Kellar's unconventional watercolor approach, Bondhus' exploration of color depths, and Cantu's transformation of corn husk into contemporary creations.

  • Faces of Figment

    Faces of Figment Image

    477 West Spring Street, Fayetteville

    June 7, 2023 - August 6, 2023

    Drew Gentle

    Within "Faces of Figment," viewers will encounter a mesmerizing collection of women's portraits, skillfully crafted by Drew Gentle. Through a masterful blend of abstracted elements and intricate line work, Gentle creates thought-provoking and visually arresting compositions that invite contemplation.

    The exhibition aligns seamlessly with TheatreSquared's production of the play "Violet," as both explore the transformative journeys of their respective characters. "Faces of Figment" delves deep into the multifaceted nature of human existence, challenging conventional notions of beauty and representation. By imaginatively portraying women, Gentle sheds light on the complexities and layers of human identity, urging viewers to question societal perceptions.

  • Entangled Beings

    Entangled Beings Image

    477 West Spring Street, Fayetteville

    March 1, 2023 - April 9, 2023

    Eloa Jane

    "Entangled Beings" is an exhibition showcasing the captivating works of Eloa Jane, an artist whose profound journey of self-discovery and resilience is intricately woven into her art. Jane's innovative approach to sustainability and her profound exploration of personal transformation are vividly reflected in her mesmerizing paper mosaics and sculptures.

  • Ethereal Reveries

    Ethereal Reveries Image

    Fayetteville Chamber of Commerce
    21 West Mountain Street #300, Fayetteville

    May 29, 2023 - July 28, 2023

    Denice Nicholson

    "Ethereal Reveries" transports viewers into a realm of enchantment, where Denice Nicholson's exquisite artworks serve as portals to ethereal landscapes. Within each meticulously crafted piece, the delicate interplay of resin and wax creates a visual symphony of colors and textures, reminiscent of glistening jewels. These unique works possess a rare and precious quality, capturing the essence of time and preserving fragments of Nicholson's artistic evolution.

  • OUTrageous

    OUTrageous Image

    Putman House
    20 South Hill Avenue, Fayetteville

    June 1, 2023 - June 30, 2023

    Riley Moore, Zeek Taylor, Don Byram, Shelby Dillinger, Anna Guyton, Ben Edwards, Mason Holcomb, Cheri Bohn, Issac Younis, Elise Lunsford

    "OUTrageous" is a powerful and timely exhibition that personifies Art Ventures’ commitment to supporting the LGBTQ+ Community. The exhibition represents a defiant assertion of queer creativity, expression, and identity. “OUTrageous” does this against the backdrop of regressive laws and policies that seek to undermine the rights and dignity of queer individuals across the country.

    The exhibition showcases the works of both Represented and Visiting Artists, providing queer individuals with an opportunity to define and celebrate what queer art means to them. By doing so, "OUTrageous" aims to challenge the misconceptions and stereotypes that have been historically associated with queer art, while also creating a space for queer artists to share their stories, experiences, and perspectives.

  • Reckless Abandon

    Reckless Abandon Image

    Fayetteville Chamber of Commerce
    21 West Mountain Street #300, Fayetteville

    April 7, 2023 - May 26, 2023

    Beth Owen

    "Reckless Abandon" is a reflection of Beth's journey towards self-healing through creative expression. Her abstract paintings are a visual representation of the freedom she experiences while creating, characterized by a lackadaisical quality that invites the viewer to experience the joy and liberation of creative expression.

    Through her paintings, Beth explores issues such as memory, spirituality, and movement, often incorporating personal references and literary or cultural influences into her work. The exhibition provides a forum for reflection on the importance of finding outlets for self-expression and the role that art can play in a person’s healing process.

  • Domestic Fictions

    Domestic Fictions Image

    477 West Spring Street, Fayetteville

    April 12, 2023 - May 14, 2023

    Carol Hart

    "Domestic Fictions" features the abstract paintings of Carol Hart, who uses layers of paint, fabric, and fiberwork to create a rich and engaging visual experience. Hart's works draw on the power of memory and nostalgia, evoking familiar places from viewers' pasts and creating a forum where they can reflect on their own connections through fictionalized settings.

    The exhibition will be a perfect complement to TheatreSquared's upcoming play, "Chicken & Biscuits," which explores the complexities of family relationships and grief. Hart's abstract paintings provide a fitting metaphor for the elusive nature of memory and the familiar experiences that the play probes.

    "Domestic Fictions" is an opportunity for viewers to immerse themselves in the abstract blueprints of Hart's works, summoning feelings that are both personal and universal. Whether one identifies with the domestic spaces portrayed in Hart's paintings or not, the exhibition offers a unique opportunity to reflect on the nature of memory and the ties that bind us all.

  • India In Its Many Colors

    India In Its Many Colors Image

    Putman House
    20 South Hill Avenue, Fayetteville

    April 6, 2023 - May 28, 2023

    Anupriya Dey, Rajani Gowtham Guggilam, Priya Kapoor, Surabhi Priji Suran, Joseph Poulose, Allan Paulose, Punam Singh, Vasudevan Natarajan

    Art Ventures embraces a Fusion of Culture and Art with our Latest Exhibition, 'India In Its Many Colors', in collaboration with the Ra-Ve Cultural Foundation features artists from Southeast Asia with a unique, thought-provoking collection of art. This collection features a diverse range of work, including vibrant paintings and captivating ceremonial photography, each reflecting the individual techniques and cultural backgrounds of the artists. The exhibition embodies the creativity and richness of Southeast Asian art, highlighting the diversity and unique perspectives of artists in the Northwest Arkansas community.

  • Evocation

    Evocation Image

    Fayetteville Public Library
    401 West Mountain Street, Fayetteville

    February 5, 2023 - May 31, 2023

    Diana Michelle

    Diana Michelle's latest series of large-scale black and white photographs explores the theme of forgotten spaces, lost faces, and found objects in Northwest Arkansas. From abandoned buildings to discarded porcelain figures to forgotten faces, these photographs seek to capture the beauty and mystery of the forgotten and overlooked.