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  • AV Laughs In Spanish

    AV Laughs In Spanish Image

    477 West Spring Street, Fayetteville

    March 25, 2024 - May 4, 2024

    David Gomez’s Solo Exhibition at TheatreSquared’s run of Laughs in Spanish gives T2 audiences visual verification of the premise for the play. Gomez’s fabulous art is authentic, Art Basel worthy, transparently shares visual culture, and what we miss when diversity does not undergird the arts ecosystem where representation is always a challenge.

    David has exhibited in New York, NY, Milan, Italy, Paris, France, Madrid, Spain and Northwest Arkansas. He is represented by Art Ventures – NWA.

  • Frame of Mind at Black Business Expo

    Frame of Mind at Black Business Expo Image

    February 24, 2024 - February 24, 2024

    Donavon Brutus, Oluwatobi Adewumi, MJ Fentis, Vincent Frimpong, Eric Andre, Markeith Woods, Najee Dorsey, Princess Justice Janêe Henderson, Joëlle Storet

    Frame of Mind 2024 is an exhibition of local Black Artists' Art at the Black Business Expo.

  • As We See It and What the Constitution Means to Me

    As We See It and What the Constitution Means to Me Image

    477 West Spring Street, Fayetteville

    January 20, 2024 - February 25, 2024

    As We See It is an exhibition by Art Ventures Gallery that features artists Behnaz Sohrabian, Juliana Duque, and Lourdes Valverde. It aligns with the Pulitzer and Tony nominated play, What the Constitution Means to Me by Heidi Schreck and directed by TheatreSquared's Amy Herzberg.

  • Fabricated Self

    Fabricated Self Image

    Fayetteville Chamber of Commerce
    21 West Mountain Street #300, Fayetteville

    November 9, 2023 - February 20, 2024

    Mary Griffith

    Reception February 8, 2024 at 3pm at Fayetteville Chamber of Commerce

    Fabricated Self unveils Mary Griffith's textile collages, each a unique amalgamation of fabrics sourced from diverse origins—some known, some unknown. These collages serve as metaphors for the intricate layering inherent in human identity. Griffith skillfully arranges these textiles to weave cohesive narratives that extend beyond individual stories, much like piecing together puzzles to unveil larger, unified tableaus.

    Each piece within this exhibition mirrors the human experience of “accumulating hallmarks of identity.” Mary Griffith's works embody this process, serving as an accumulation of textiles carefully arranged before unveiling them to the public eye. Like the careful curation of personal experiences and traits that form an individual's identity, Griffith's collages showcase various textiles, meticulously arranged to evoke a range of visual narratives.

  • Holiday Hues 2023

    Holiday Hues 2023 Image

    Putman House
    20 South Hill Avenue, Fayetteville

    November 2, 2023 - December 21, 2023

    Denice Nicholson, Cheri Bohn, Karolyn Farrell, Jim Wright, Carol Hart, Kathleen Siegfried, Beth Owen, Rich Lovato, Andrea Carrillo, Steven Holst, Eloa Jane, Bobby C. Martin, Mary Griffith, Jeffry Cantu, Cheryl Buell, Cheryl Kellar, Doug Randall, Diana Michelle

    Holiday Hues invites our community to explore the extraordinary talent in visual arts within our region. As the holiday season unfolds, Art Ventures dedicates itself to creating a space where shopping becomes an intentional and meaningful experience. By choosing to gift the creations of local artists, you not only support their creative journey but also contribute to the enrichment of our community.

    Whether you're seeking a cherished addition to your personal collection or a distinctive holiday present for a loved one, this collection caters to your aesthetic desires.

  • The Act of Looking

    The Act of Looking Image

    Startup Junkie
    1 East Center Street, Fayetteville

    October 19, 2023 - March 28, 2024

    Reception March 21, 2024 5pm to 6:30pm

    The Act of Looking by AV* Represented Artist Beth Owen offers an opportunity to explore the essence of both abstract art and life itself. Through the use of abstraction, Beth seeks to encapsulate the ephemeral nuances of life through vibrant colors and ambitious textures.

    Visually engaging with the artworks in this exhibition unveils intricate nuances, which reveal themselves through the interplay of tones, colors, and textures. Some of these details are intentionally placed, while others emerge organically from the gestural nature of Beth's work. Striking a balance between the deliberate and the spontaneous is a fundamental aspect of Beth's artistic journey.

  • Solo Sojourn

    Solo Sojourn Image

    477 West Spring Street, Fayetteville

    October 6, 2023 - November 5, 2023

    Jay McDonald

    "Solo Sojourn" weaves together Jay McDonald's evocative photography, creating a mesmerizing tapestry of moments that beckon viewers to embark on a journey toward transformative revelations—revelations that dwell within the realm of human emotions and the awe-inspiring facets of nature.

    Jay's photographic collection transcends the mere freezing of moments in time, offering a unique perspective poised on the brink of boundless possibilities. Within each frame, an unmistakable sense of anticipation encourages us to embrace the exhilarating uncertainty that envelops every image. This exhibition provides a platform for contemplating existence in its purest form, where moments are captured just before they evolve into something extraordinary.

    Thematically, "Solo Sojourn" harmonizes with TheatreSquared's production of the play "The Band's Visit," delving into moments suspended in anticipation and the transformative potential inherent in the ordinary. Much like the play explores unexpected connections that can manifest during fleeting encounters, this exhibition invites viewers to contemplate the latent magic within each captured moment.

  • Represented Artist Showcase SEPT - OCT

    Represented Artist Showcase SEPT - OCT Image

    Putman House
    20 South Hill Avenue, Fayetteville

    September 7, 2023 - October 27, 2023

    Eloa Jane, Kathleen Siegfried, Cheryl Buell, Doug Randall

    Our AV* Represented Artist Showcase from September - October highlights the artistry of Eloa Jane Pereira, Doug Randall, Cheryl Buell, and Kathleen Siegfried.

    Eloa Jane, a Brazilian-born artist and architect, crafts intricate textures and environmental messages from repurposed paper. Doug Randall's "Mindscapes" blend abstraction, impressionism, and tradition, resonating deeply with viewers. Cheryl Buell, inspired by her woodland home, transforms her surroundings into timeless clay art. Kathleen Siegfried's abstract expressions draw from memories, imagination, and subtle hints, merging literature and painting.

    Join us as these four remarkable artists take over our 2nd Floor Suites, each offering a unique journey into their creative minds. Explore Eloa Jane's resilience, Doug Randall's connection to landscapes, Cheryl Buell's exploration of the subconscious, and Kathleen Siegfried's fusion of memory and imagination in this captivating showcase at Putman House.

  • Living Legacy: Indigenous Independence 2023

    Living Legacy: Indigenous Independence 2023 Image

    Putman House
    20 South Hill Avenue, Fayetteville

    September 7, 2023 - October 27, 2023

    Jeff Edwards, Bobby C. Martin, Tony Tiger

    "Living Legacy: Indigenous Independence" is a beacon of Indigenous resilience and empowerment, inviting visitors to explore the enduring spirit of Native American communities through a curated ensemble of artworks. Spanning various mediums, this collection brings together both established and emerging Native American artists, celebrating their innovation and cultural strength. By doing so, the exhibition dismantles stereotypes and defies misconceptions, fostering a deeper understanding of Native American history and heritage.

    This exhibition serves as a narrative reclamation, a defiant response to historical marginalization, and a reflection on the essential importance of recognizing and honoring the living legacies of Native American people. In a place marked by the Trail of Tears, "Living Legacy: Indigenous Independence" stands as a testament to the resilience and power of Indigenous Independence, resonating with themes of celebration, justice, and unity.

  • Mythical Confections

    Mythical Confections Image

    Fayetteville Chamber of Commerce
    21 West Mountain Street #300, Fayetteville

    September 13, 2023 - October 25, 2023

    Rich Lovato

    "Mythical Confections" offers a unique opportunity to explore both the ordinary and surreal dimensions of life through the masterful medium of oil painting. Rich Lovato's artistic vision shines as he celebrates the beauty found in the commonplace while leading viewers into whimsical realms where the familiar takes on a wondrous transformation into the fantastical.

    At the core of this exhibition, Lovato's intimate portrayals of food challenge traditional representations, engaging the senses and evoking emotions. His mastery infuses vitality into everyday objects, yielding enchanting artworks that magnify the richness inherent in our daily lives.

    In addition to these culinary marvels, Lovato's surreal creations offer a mesmerizing contrast, serving as portals to whimsical realms where the familiar undergoes a wondrous metamorphosis into the fantastical. Through a vibrant palette and intricate compositions, Lovato challenges perceptions and sparks imaginations, prompting viewers to explore the extraordinary concealed within the everyday.

  • Constructions

    Constructions Image

    March 19, 2023 - May 24, 2023

    Frank Goff

    Frank Goff's "Constructions" showcases grand monochromatic stone mosaics, highlighting motion through repetition. This exhibition in The Ozark's Botanical Garden features three of Goff's largest masterpieces, seamlessly blending with nature's beauty. Goff's meticulous stone selection and arrangement bring the mosaics to life, capturing viewers in a dance of light and shadow that mirrors the ever-changing rhythms of the natural world. As visitors explore, they'll be captivated by the harmonious fusion of human artistry and nature's repeating patterns. Goff's mosaics celebrate the subtle variations emerging from monochromatic art, inviting contemplation of the deep connection between motion and the allure of repetition. "Constructions" mesmerizes with Goff's artistic vision, revealing the richness and complexity within nature, and offering profound insights into its rhythms.

  • Constructions, Carvings, & Curiosities

    Constructions, Carvings, & Curiosities Image

    Faulkner Performing Arts Center
    453 Garland Avenue, Fayetteville

    June 1, 2023 - July 21, 2023

    Frank Goff

    Born into a military family with roots in Arkansas, Frank Goff was exposed to a rich variety of cultural experiences that influenced his desire to become an artist at an early age. Goff attended The Memphis College of Art and received a B.A. in Art with teaching credentials at Arkansas Tech University and a M.S.E. from The University of Central Arkansas. After retiring from teaching, he relocated to Hot Springs Village, Arkansas where he now works as a full-time professional artist.

    Constructions, Carvings, & Curiosities showcases Goff's love for creating art through various techniques and mediums. His artwork features both two-dimensional and three-dimensional pieces that are inspired by the wonders of the natural world. Through his drawings and scratchboard engravings, Goff seeks to capture the intricate details and stunning beauty of nature in all its forms. His three-dimensional work focuses on creating sculptures that suggest organic forms found in nature, such as plants and animals. He uses direct wood carving techniques to craft each sculpture with precision and care. Once complete, he arranges the sculptures into small-scale tableaus, which serve as inspiration for his two-dimensional works. By inviting viewers to enter the tableau and interpret the setting in their own way, he aims to create an interactive experience that encourages a deeper appreciation for the natural world.