The Ways We See

The Ways We See

Art Ventures Virtual Exhibition

July – August 2020


Taylor Dolan, Brennen Duffield, Shabana Kauser, Stefan Kellar, Hannah Newsom Doyle, Rhee Reamy, Carl Alan Smith. 

Face & Figure

This is an exhibition about the value of practice with live models in general, and with Art Ventures in particular. We find communion in the attention to one’s own idea of space, time, foreground, middle-ground, background, foreshortening, and defying the tricks of optical perception. We value bringing diverse sitters into the studio to challenge the routine as well.

We have included a young student with a well-practiced eye who has gone off to school, and also her mom who participates in AV portrait painting sessions. COVID19 has changed a lot for us but we expect to find our way back to live sessions with adjustments in 2020.


Kathleen Barta, Clarke Bueling, Neil Callander, Andrea Carrillo, Irene Corey, Deb Manley, Tim McSweeney, Shannon Norman, Joanna Reid, Denise Sagan, Adam Shaw, Lourdes Valverde.

Celebrate PRIDE

Beyond the Confines of My Mouth

Beyond the Confines of My Mouth celebrates individuals that have been oppressed or belittled in society on the basis of sex and gender by showcasing artworks that reflect the life of our community’s queer artists. This exhibition shares PRIDE narratives that reflect LGBTQIA+ experiences and identifiers, embraces the bravery of self-expression and authenticity demonstrated by the queer community, and aims to support their voice of activism to proclaim their visibility.


Zeek Taylor, Cory Perry, Jody Travis Thompson, John Rankine, Linda Carole Sheets, Nicole Norman, Paul Richmond, Rana Young, Donavan Brutus

Art for Everyone

Instructions for viewing virtual exhibitions:

  • Android, iPhone or Chrome Book – Download free Artsteps App
  • VR option available on smartphone
  • Google Chrome browser on desktop recommended
  • Virtual exhibitions are offered for intellectual stimulation, visual surprises and creative expertise by artists who are global community culture messengers.
  • Virtual shows won’t forever replace the camaraderie of exhibition receptions and in-person programming – for now we hope you enjoy the work as we adjust to new ways of enriching our lives and spaces with art

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