Mythical Confections

September 13, 2023 - October 25, 2023

Rich Lovato

In 'Mythical Confections,' artist Rich Lovato invites viewers to embark on a journey through his meticulously crafted world, as brought to life through the medium of oil painting. This exhibition showcases Lovato's extraordinary talent for elevating everyday subjects into magnificent works of art. Within this captivating showcase, Lovato seamlessly celebrates the beauty found in the commonplace, with intimate depictions of food, while also leading us into the surreal, where his boundless imagination takes flight.

At the core of this exhibition, Lovato's intimate portrayals of food diverge from conventional representations. His paintings actively engage the senses, enticing viewers to delve into the textures, savor the colors, and evoke emotions and memories associated with culinary delights. Lovato's mastery of technique and composition infuses vitality into everyday objects, yielding enchanting artworks that magnify the richness inherent in the everyday experience.

In addition to these culinary marvels, Lovato's surreal creations offer a mesmerizing contrast. Although the number of these works on display is limited, they serve as portals to whimsical realms where the familiar undergoes a wondrous metamorphosis into the fantastical. Through a vibrant palette and intricate compositions, Lovato challenges our perceptions and sparks our imaginations, prompting us to embark on an exploration of the extraordinary concealed within the everyday. Within each canvas, viewers will uncover a world infused with emotions and sensations, where every brushstroke unveils layers of meaning and intrigue.

Lovato's art communicates through a universal visual language, creating a deep connection between the artist's work and the viewer. This approach provides an accessible gateway for audiences to engage with and appreciate 'Mythical Confections,' a realm where everyday experiences transform into extraordinary art, and where boundless imagination thrives.