Living Legacy: Indigenous Independence 2023

Putman House

Living Legacy: Indigenous Independence 2023

September 7, 2023 - October 27, 2023

Jeff Edwards, Bobby C. Martin, Tony Tiger

“Living legacy: Indigenous Independence” stands as a poignant and vital exhibition, creating an artistic intersection where the enduring spirit of Native American artists collides with the false narratives of colonization. This exhibition illuminates a paradigm shift that accentuates the potency, ingenuity, and distinctive identities of Native communities. Amidst a temporal juncture when the historical impact of settlers, who diligently endeavored to stifle Native voices, garners prominence, "Living Legacy: Indigenous Independence" emerges as a potent antithesis—an unwavering critique of the persistent marginalization Native Americans encounter within media and academia.

Set against a backdrop of historical marginalization, this exhibition boldly carves out a space for Indigenous artists to share their narratives, truths, and visions. By presenting a curated ensemble of artworks, "Living Legacy: Indigenous Independence" bridges generations, inviting both established and emerging Native American artists to articulate their experiences on their own terms. Across diverse mediums, this collection creates a rich convergence of Indigenous artistry that resonates with innovation and cultural resilience. In doing so, the exhibition dismantles stereotypes, defies misconceptions, and disrupts the narratives that have perpetuated the silencing of Indigenous voices.

“Living legacy: Indigenous Independence” raises these artworks as symbols of empowerment and reclamation, fostering a deeper understanding and appreciation of the rich history of Native American communities. In a place marked by constant reminders of the Trail of Tears, this exhibition stands as a loud narrative reclamation of Native American people. As visitors engage with these artworks, they are invited to reflect not only on the enduring struggle for recognition but also on the essential significance of recognizing, honoring, and uplifting the living legacies of Native American people. This exhibition, therefore, emerges as a transformative space—one that resonates with the spirit of celebration, justice, unity, and the unwavering power of Indigenous Independence.