Threads of Identity

Putman House

Threads of Identity

June 29 - August 28, 2022

Art Ventures presents Threads of Identity, an exhibition from represented and visiting artists on view at the Art Ventures Gallery from June 29 - August 28. This exhibition features works within the subject of fashion and style that explores artistic expression and cultural identity. The artworks demonstrate how fashion and art may be intertwined through ceramics, textile artwork, jewelry making, traditional painting, clothing design, and other mediums.

From continent to continent, fashion has always played a significant role in how we express our identity and sense of belonging. Art and fashion have continually overlapped and influenced one another, creating an intersection of possibilities for expression through clothing, make-up, jewelry, and everything that comprises someone’s individual style. Far from a purely aesthetic expression, fashion and style provides a forum for us to honor and play with the threads of our identity, such as culture, gender, religion, and other essential qualities. We welcome you to join us in following these threads that lead to a complex tapestry of who we are, where we come from, and how we understand the world around us.

Threads of Identity features work in a variety of mediums by Japheth Asiedu-Kwarteng, Cheri Bohn, Rani Leia Bondhus, Shelby Fleming, Adam Douglas Fulwiler, Drew Gentle, Eloa Jane, Cheryl Kellar, Mack Leal, Connie Lim, Leslie Perryman, Denise Sagan, Kathleen B. Schwarz, and Gala Reneaum Tello.