It Came From Outer Space

August 22 - September 25, 2022

Art Ventures paired extraterrestrial sculpture pieces by Cheri Bohn and Tom Flynn as well as space-inspired paintings by Rani Bondhus with the TheatreSquared production of It Came From Outer Space. All three artists demonstrate a keen sense of curiosity, mystery, and whimsy in their art. Rani Bondhus’s planetary paintings depict foreign worlds that are bright and inviting, while Bohn and Flynn craft otherworldly beings and spaceships that might navigate between those worlds. When viewed alongside the musical they create a diorama of all that excites our imagination and sense of wonder beyond the stars.

It Came From Outer Space is a musical comedy production at our partner arts collaborator, TheatreSquared. It is directed by Laura Braza and is based on the ‘50s science fiction film. T2’s program for It Came From Outer Space says, “When an astronomer encounters a spaceship in the desert, everyone just laughs—until some townspeople start acting very strange. Are the aliens here to conquer the Earth? Or do they come in peace?”

Cheri Bohn, Rani Leia Bondhus, Tom Flynn