Bits and Pieces Make a Whole

June 13 - August 29, 2022

We inherit many things from those we grow up amongst–from physical looks to meaningful objects passed down from generation to generation. But beyond these tangible inheritances are more intangible ones. During our formative years we also absorb certain traits, beliefs, or narratives from those around us. However, these things do not determine who we become. What we do with these inheritances remains in our hands. Bits and Pieces Make a Whole is a bold exploration of the act of repurposing our past and reimagining our future.

In these pieces you can see the influence of Rebecca LaTourette’s creative childhood, where she made toys from unwanted bits and bobs around her. While each piece has a distinct message and character, they all showcase the spirit of ingenuity that enables their creation. The artworks use materials that she inherited from those who played a meaningful role in her character development and then place them in a new context and imaginative landscape. Through this exhibition we invite the viewer to do the same. What from your past do you carry with you? And what will you make with it now?

Rebecca LaTourette