Represented Artist Showcase

Putman House

Represented Artist Showcase

July 2, 2023 - August 27, 2023

Cheryl Kellar, Jeffry Cantu, Rani Leia Bondhus

Cheryl Kellar, a visionary watercolor artist, celebrates the creativity, individuality, and strength of women in her bold and dramatic works. Through her non-traditional approach to watercolor painting, Kellar offers a unique perspective on haute couture, pushing boundaries with her captivating pieces.

Rani Leia Bondhus, who discovered solace in painting after a life-altering heart surgery, uses oil paints to convey powerful color depths and layers. Her art reflects her personal journey towards inner peace and reconnecting with her body, while also aiming to normalize conversations about mental health. Engaging with Bondhus' works invites viewers to embrace tranquility and engage in dialogue.

Jeffry Cantu, drawing inspiration from his Mexican heritage and travels through Asia and the Pacific, showcases his expertise in three-dimensional design and mixed media abstract works. His sculptures meticulously explore repetition, movement, form, and organic shapes, transforming corn husk into innovative creations. Cantu's installation reflects his contemporary cultural identity.