Protecting Our Peace

September 19 - December 18, 2022

Protecting Our Peace invites you to consider the places you feel most peaceful and at ease. Is it in the mountains? Near water? Or trees? Often these quiet natural spaces allow our busy minds to at last rest, and provide us a greater perspective on life. Spending time in nature has been proven in numerous studies to help with mental health. However, despite the invaluable resources, both external and internal, that nature provides us, many of our natural spaces are in danger from erosion, deforestation, pollution, and other human-created crises.

By advocating for and protecting the health, safety, and stewardship of our forests, water resources, wildlife habitats, farmland, and open spaces, we advocate for and protect ourselves and our own inner peace. As you explore Protecting Our Peace, we hope you remember your own symbiotic relationship to the natural world and advocate for the continued protection of these necessary natural spaces that serve as both an external and internal sanctuary.

Carol Hart, Karolyn Farrell, Doug Randall