Outlines of Imagination

April 7 - September 31, 2022

Art Ventures is proud to present Outlines of Imagination featuring represented artist Jeffry Cantu at Startup Junkie, the NWA region's entrepreneurship catalyst.

Using oil, gouache, India ink, and acrylic paints, Cantu seeks to immerse the viewer deep within the mind’s natural movement and churn. Sharp lines create boundaries for the more fluid, dynamic layers to flow within, just as defined points in our consciousness allow our most imaginative and inventive ideas to gain momentum. Cantu’s goal is to show how a singular point creates a reality, marking the chemistry and combustion of ideas and images.

Cantu’s painterly style and playful approach invite free association as well as offer a feeling of joy as the viewer explores the work. 

About Startup Junkie and Art Ventures

Startup Junkie's investment in the NWA arts ecosystem by participating in Art Ventures' art rental program is a defining step in moving from art commerce ideation to direct activation. This creates a tangible, positive impact on the communities we serve and for which we are grateful. Please take a moment before you leave to let them know you appreciate the art. More work by Jeffry Cantu can be found at Art Ventures, in our gallery, or on our website.

About Jeffry Cantu