Natural Geometries

Putman House

Natural Geometries

July 2, 2023 - August 27, 2023

Martin Morales

Painting, in its base form, is the act of moving liquid across a surface to create an image. For Martín Morales, this process feels insufficient in describing his near alchemic control of the medium. "Natural Geometries" presents a culmination of his artistic practice, showcasing the evolution of his creative exploration over the years.

From his early days as a landscape artist, Morales embarked on a transformative path towards Geometric Abstraction, recognizing the profound interplay between "Light and Color." This realization became the guiding force behind his artistic endeavors. Morales skillfully merges the realms of landscape and geometry, employing a color palette influenced by the ever-changing phenomenon of light.

Through the mastery of transparency, he harmoniously reconciles his landscapes with the principles of "Kinetic Art." These seemingly contradictory approaches intertwine, forming a comprehensive language that transcends conventional boundaries. The artist's reverence for light phenomena and chromatic variations is exemplified through the meticulous division of the landscape image with interwoven parallel and inclined lines. This technique breathes life into the artwork, transforming it into a captivating interplay of lights and shadows.

Central and diffused illumination, coupled with diluted chromatic transparencies, optically activate the artwork, creating a subtle illusion of movement. It's as if a transparent, ethereal mass of air delicately hovers between the viewer's eye and the visual object, inducing a captivating flow from reality to illusion.

Morales considers his artistic proposition to be rooted in painting, where the surface plane and its pictorial values, predominantly landscapes or spatial images, take precedence. This genetic foundation is intricately connected to kinetic art, operating within a dynamic system that introduces variations in color, lines on a plane, and atmospheric illumination. As a result, the artwork is perceived in motion, with a vertical weave or slightly inclined lines serving as the framework. This fragmentation and division of colors generate a vibrant dialogue between the artwork and the observer, evoking the sensation of a swirling mass of air and creating a distinctive atmosphere where light dances and the artwork appears kinetic.

Morales reveals nature as the visible reality from which he extracts, codifies, and enhances extraordinary or spectacular planes. We bear witness to an alternative reality, captivated by its mesmerizing atmospheres, evocative transparencies, lines, and reliefs that coalesce into mysterious harmonies, profoundly stirring our emotions.

Morales has recently ventured into exploring alternative formats, such as the round or "tondo" compositions. In these works, centralized compositions with well-defined contours and chiaroscuro techniques, supported by a chromatic perspective, create a captivating visual journey. As objects recede from the focal point, their color intensity fades into shades of blue. Background and reflected light in the foreground harmoniously blend warm and cold colors.

Morales' approach as a retinal painter seeks to reconcile scientific principles with poetic metaphors derived from nature, stimulating profound sentiments and nurturing a critical mindset in the face of ecological challenges. These formats serve as an homage to both the natural and geometric, unifying the landscape with circular aesthetics in a harmonious embrace of opposites.

"Natural Geometries" offers a glimpse into Martín Morales' artistic trajectory, encapsulating his lifelong dedication to capturing the essence of nature through the lens of geometry. It is a testament to his ability to transform visible reality into unforgettable experiences, leaving an indelible mark on the viewer's perception of the world around them.