Looking Back, Moving Forward

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Looking Back, Moving Forward

February 25 - March 28, 2021

Looking Back, Moving Forward is a retrospective of Diana Michelle’s photographic practice over the last seventeen years. This is a portfolio of black and white compositions that are emotion driven and macabre in nature. The artist’s tension, pain and fear manifest in a landscape that is not bucolic, pretty, or green, but it is a landscape with which many of us are familiar, undoubtedly in the season of 2020-2021.  Diana Michelle says, “The dirt and decay that attach itself to my subjects signify the darkness that surrounds us as humans. Once-loved and long-abandoned objects that become decrepit due to weather and time transform into something else entirely that I find to be very personal and strangely beautiful.”

This focused retrospective is the mark of a significant recalibration in Diana Michelle’s visual parameters that will lead to more revelations, and become an important part of her professional oeuvre. We look forward to sharing her future explorations with color, and in documentary film-making.