Frame of Mind 2022 - Critical Black Theory

Faulkner Performing Arts Center
453 Garland Ave, Fayetteville

Frame of Mind 2022 - Critical Black Theory

March 4 - May 4, 2022

Critical Black Theory is a treatise on the multifaceted and resilient spirit of the Black body and Black humanity, their passionate expression of pain, conflict, and of joy.

There is everything to be said about cultural survival and the nuanced battles required to protect the core of oneself from annihilation. Like the drumbeat, art informs us of individual battles won and lost, telling us that we are still here, still connected, still creating pathways to cultural survival and growth. This exhibition is one such drumbeat in the vast cultural context of Blackness in the diaspora, and its plan to thrive.

Oluwatobi Adewumi ▪ Donavon Brutus ▪ Tay Butler ▪ Candace Dolls ▪ Wade Hampton ▪ Carl Karni-Bain ▪ Charles Krampah ▪ Vincent Frimpong ▪ DeShun Peoples ▪ Joëlle Storet ▪ Markeith Woods ▪ Sharon Killian ▪ Eric Andre ▪ Art Ventures Collection: Morgan Bame, Delita Martin, Najee Dorsey