February 5, 2023 - May 31, 2023

Diana Michelle

Diana Michelle's latest series of large-scale black and white photographs explores the theme of forgotten spaces, lost faces, and found objects in Northwest Arkansas. From abandoned buildings to discarded porcelain figures to forgotten faces, these photographs seek to capture the beauty and mystery of the forgotten and overlooked.

Each photograph in the series focuses on a different aspect of this theme, such as a tired face, an obscure statue in an abandoned thicket, or an abandoned couch in a field. Through the use of candid photography, documentary-style compositions, and a focus on pattern and contrast, she aims to highlight the unique stories and emotions of these subjects.

In these images, Diana Michelle seeks to convey the sense of wonder and curiosity that she feels when discovering these visual experiences. By using black and white photography, she wants to emphasize the texture and form of the subjects, and to draw attention to the details and imperfections that are often overlooked.