Domestic Fictions

April 12, 2023 - May 14, 2023

Carol Hart

"Domestic Fictions" is an exhibition featuring the works of Carol Hart, an AV* Represented Artist known for her large and small-scale abstract paintings. Hart's pieces incorporate layers of paint, fabric, and fiberwork to create a visually dynamic experience. Her paintings evoke a sense of nostalgia and memory that may remind viewers of familiar places from their past, especially from childhood or adolescence.

The exhibition complements TheatreSquared's play, Chicken & Biscuits, which delves into the complexities and conflicts within a modern-day family as it struggles with mourning and grief. Hart's abstract paintings, with their focus on the elusive nature of memory and nostalgia, are a fitting metaphor for the familiar experiences that the play probes. They create a forum where viewers can ponder their own familiar ties through fictionalized environments, irrespective of their background or identity.

The works featured in "Domestic Fictions" present abstract blueprints that lend themselves to the idea of vaguely recognizing places one has been. Hart's paintings allow the audience to connect with their inner selves and summon feelings that are ubiquitous. The exhibition provides an opportunity for viewers to reflect on their own familiar connections through fictionalized settings, regardless of their background or identity.