Digital Prisms

January 4, 2023 - March 17, 2023

Art Ventures is excited to announce the opening of "Digital Prisms," an upcoming exhibit at The Fayetteville Chamber of Commerce featuring the work of Rhee Reamy.

Born and raised in Western Arkansas, Reamy attended Huntington and Mansfield schools before returning to Huntington in retirement. He has a BSE in education and has studied graphic design at the University of Arkansas, Fort Smith. Reamy's work has been exhibited in various galleries and museums, including the Delta Mid-South Exhibition, the UCA One Man Show, and the Fort Smith Regional Museum.

In his artist statement, Reamy describes himself as a "visual explorer" who combines photography, illustration, typography, and collage to create ideas and stories. His work explores the "veils of color vibration and movement" and aims to find the best elements of tension and harmony through multiple versions of a project. Reamy's art reflects his belief that "change is the nature of things" and that we are part of the universal spectrum.

"Digital Prisms," will showcase nine pieces of Reamy's work, each exemplifying his unique style and vision as a digital artist. The exhibit will be on display at The Fayetteville Chamber of Commerce from January 4th to February 26th. We invite the community to come and experience the vibrant and captivating work of Rhee Reamy, a represented artist of Art Ventures.

Rhee Reamy