March 19, 2023 - May 24, 2023

Frank Goff

Frank Goff's "Constructions" features large-scale monochromatic stone mosaics that emphasize motion through repetition. These masterful creations invite viewers on a visual journey, exploring the profound power of simplicity and the rhythmic interplay of nature’s patterns.
Displayed in the Botanical Garden of The Ozark's outside rotunda, the exhibition showcases three of Goff's largest pieces. Harmoniously integrated with the natural splendor of the garden, these monumental mosaics create a captivating experience that deepens the connection between art and nature.

Goff's meticulous selection and arrangement of stones result in visually captivating objects that seem to come alive with motion. The monochromatic palette adds depth and complexity, drawing viewers into a dance of light and shadow mirroring the ever-changing rhythms of the natural world.

As visitors explore "Constructions," they will be captivated by the seamless integration of human artistry and the timeless beauty of repetition found in nature. Goff's stone mosaics become a celebration of the subtle variations and intricate patterns emerging from monochromatic art.

Through his large-scale mosaics, Goff invites us to contemplate the profound interconnectedness between motion and the captivating allure of repetition. The exhibition provides an opportunity to reflect on the beauty that emerges when human creativity converges with the mysteries of the universe.

"Constructions" mesmerizes with Frank Goff's artistic vision, where the power of motion through repetition takes center stage. Goff’s mosaics reveal the richness and complexity within nature, offering viewers a profound opportunity to move within its rhythms.