Change and Adaptability

Putman House

Change and Adaptability

October 7, 2021

Opening Reception: 5-8pm

Art Ventures is excited to announce our upcoming K-12 Gallery Initiative exhibit, in collaboration with Don Tyson School of Innovation, which will be open to the public on October 7th. This is the third Youth Initiative exhibit at Art Ventures and will feature ceramic works made by students.

The theme of the exhibit is Change and Adaptability. As the world faces climate change, we’ve come to understand that curiosity and creativity are at the heart of finding workable solutions. Students were invited to explore potential solutions through the creation of ceramics. As a reference, the students were pointed to Isaac Cordal, who created a series of sculptures entitled Waiting for Climate Change. In this series, figures are poised in water, watching silently as water levels rise around them. Some figures have life floats, others stare at their cell phones impassively, thus encouraging conversation around adaptability and action. As a resource for potential solutions, students engaged with Project Drawdown, a nonprofit that houses an extensive, comprehensive resource of climate solutions. Addressing everything from food, housing, transportation, and social issues, among others, Project Drawdown demonstrates the adaptability and creative thinking that Art Ventures hopes to celebrate in this exhibit.

Madelyn Lomax, a teacher of fine arts at the Don Tyson School of Innovation, and Sarah Barlow, a student teacher, have collaborated with Cathy Von Hatten, who coordinates the Art Ventures K-12 Gallery Initiative, to oversee the Change and Adaptability Exhibit. Madelyn Lomax has been overseeing the students, who are creating 3-5 symbolic ceramic pieces each to represent envisioned solutions and adaptations to the changing environment. These finished sculptural pieces will be displayed in the Gallery. Pictured above are students in their creative process. Parents, educators, and the public will be welcome to view the ceramic works and tour the gallery beginning October 7, 2021. Art Ventures is open Wednesday through Sunday, between the hours of 12 and 6 pm.