February 07, 2019

Usually artists see their work hanging in galleries, but one Northwest Arkansas local was lucky enough to have her art showcased on HBO. Dolores Justus, a featured artist on the set of hit HBO show True Detective, said the art selection process was really fun for her during her work on the show. Art Ventures in Fayetteville worked with representatives from the series to include art by area artists. “I was thrilled to have several pieces selected, and I recently saw a segment of the fourth episode where the paintings were placed in a restaurant setting,” Justus said, “The focus of the series is on the story line, but it has been great to have been a part of a film that utilized people and places from the state, along with our rich creative resources, to create a unique setting.” Sharon Killian is the gallery director for Art Ventures helped to feature local artists on, True Detective. Killian worked with Laura Wallgren, a buyer for season three of True Detective to help her find local artwork for purchase or rent for the show. Killian said that through the process, she learned that HBO production made an effort to use local art instead of going the easy route of using online staging houses to decorate the sets.

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