Terry Dushan

Terry Dushan’s love of photography was born early through her father’s lens. A quiet, gentle man, he connected with the world and people about him more through the lens than through verbal interaction. Terry’s wish to absorb his interest may have drawn her to photography. She too was quiet and shy as a child and teen but photography and world travel with her Air Force family pulled her out of that shyness and hesitancy. As she explored that fascinating world through the lens, she was pulled from behind the camera to a sense of joyful interaction with everything around her.

Following the death of her father at the age of 48, her mother moved to Los Angeles and opened a successful art studio, teaching art to students at all levels and creating her own master works in oils. Her creativity with watercolor and oil taught Dushan a deep appreciation of color and the critical skills of composition. As the daughter and then wife of Air Force officers, she had the opportunity to live in numerous places both stateside and abroad, to witness firsthand a wide variety of cultures and to experience a wealth of sensory input—vision being for her the most powerful.

She began to photograph with her father’s Canon film camera, progressed to Nikon, then to a digital Nikon camera and finally to a professional level Nikon, the D810. Currently, Dushan creates digital art that is abstract and compelling.

As a fine art photographer for many years, Dushan’s work has been in numerous exhibitions, solo shows, and fine art galleries in a number of states and overseas. Her work is also part of the Arkansas Arts Council’s permanent collection and in the 2018 Small Works on Paper 2018 State Tour.

Artist Statement

I strive to record a moment in time or the marks of time and history on the subject in my viewfinder. Sometimes my subject is lit as if by magic and demands instant capture. Other images require patience and persistence. All images are taken hand held because I am constantly moving. I do not use a tripod. I want to capture moments and movement as I move.

Photography is my life’s passion. Color, texture, graphic detail, and the visual impact of these things combined, are my primary focus in recording any image. The beauty of light, the spectrum of color holds me and thus my camera captive. A truly fine photograph captures the deepest sense, the soul of the scene, and conveys a mood to the eyes and mind of the viewer. To “see” is to look more deeply, to discover what we miss at first viewing. My main objective: that as you look at the ordinary, in my work you discover the extraordinary.

Voted Best Art Gallery 2019 in "Best of Northwest Arkansas”


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