Tasleem Mirza

Tasleem Mirza (Austin, TX) is a preschool director with a degree in business law with a minor in fine arts. As a self-taught Islamic art artist, Mirzaartwork has exhibited in Al Nisa Arts Center, Northampton Museum and Art Gallery, Leicester Islamic Center, Rugby Mosque, and Milton Keynes Islamic Center. Mirza currently teaches Islamic art classes to youth at a local Islamic center in Austin. She is currently working on two new artworks depicting Lahore, Pakistan. 

About the Work

Growing up in the United Kingdom, I developed a close kinship with Islamic art when I was 16 and started to produce Islamic Calligraphy paintings to hang in my grandparents’ home. My art represents the essence of inner peace which every human thrives for. The spiritual power of Allah what is manifested in His creation is the core of my artwork, I try to incorporate various materials for texture and sometimes for a dramatic impact. I also develop a clean effect by layering paint with textures. The artistic concept is mainly Sufi-driven and for the viewer, it can hold a depth of meaning. The range of art that I do not only consists of Islamic context, but also classical and modern paintings from the Mughal era and Persian art to contemporary art consisting of Arabic and Urdu languages

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