Jun 25 2020 - Jul 31 2020


All Day

Face & Figure

June 25 – July 31, 2020

Face and Figure is an exhibition about the value of practice with live models in general and at Art Ventures in particular. We find communion in the attention to one’s own idea of space, time, foreground, middle-ground, background, foreshortening, and defying the tricks of optical perception. And we value bringing diverse sitters into the studio to challenge the routine.


Kathleen Barta, Clarke Bueling, Neil Callander, Andrea Carrillo, Irene Corey, Deb Manley, Tim McSweeney, Shannon Norman, Joanna Reid, Denise Sagan, Adam Shaw, Lourdes Valverde

Instructions for viewing
  1. Phones & Pads – Get free Artsteps app.
  2. Desktop – Chrome browser recommended. Click on Exhibition link or go to and search for Virtual Gallery by name such as “Beyond the Confines of My Mouth”
  3. VR option available if you have 3D glasses or headset
  4. Select High-resolution display if you get the option
  5. Please sign in as guest and “heart” our Virtual Exhibition!

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