Nathan Duncan

Nathan Duncan grew up in a family where painting and music were just a part of life. He created his own drawings, paintings, and sculptures from as far back as he can remember until the cusp of adulthood; then simply abandoned it for nearly two decades. Duncan says, “I cannot even fathom why this happened; it just suddenly died. Life was quickly changing and survival was my only focus. I then came to a point where I noticed something missing. That was time that I remembered who I was for so long, so many years previously.”

Duncan decided to return to art through photography rather than other mediums because it allowed him to explore people and the world around him. His work communicates messages that revolve primarily around aesthetics, light and color, far more than any specific emotion. It generalizes a hint of emotion, but it is only enough to let its observer draw his or her own conclusions. He simply provides the door. Duncan’s inspiration comes from his dreams, Golden Age cinema, and music.

Artist Statement

Far more than conveying any specific emotion, my body of work communicates visions that revolve primarily around aesthetics, light and color. It sometimes generalizes a hint of emotion, but only enough to let an observer draw his or her own conclusions. My inspiration often comes from dreams, Golden Age cinema, electronic music, and industrial manufacturing. My perception of these types of media get transmitted into light and colors that my mind recognizes. I take them and form a story-line in my mind, which I then bring to my work with film and digital photo work. My creative flow and the feelings that I carry when I create a project is always crescendo in nature. They grow in my mind’s eye until the moment I birth them on set when everything is released at once. I have no photographic balance or regulation that I feel are important enough to consider during my projects. I never formally studied photography. I absolutely ignore any rules that are accepted as quality standards. Rather, I let my passion for the project dictate how I piece it together.

Voted Best Art Gallery 2019 in "Best of Northwest Arkansas”


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