Najmus Saqib Hassan

Born and raised in India, Hassan came to USA in 1998. After the first eight years in New York, he moved to Houston with his wife and four children. He loves traveling and exploring cultures of the world. Texas is his home now. 

Artist Statement

“Calling myself an artist would be far from truth. I am just naturally attracted to all forms of art. May it be words, shapes or notes. I call myself an “idea-man”, not an artist. I have been an advertising man for last 27 years with various agencies, before I started Hassan Studio. A production house engaged in creating digital marketing contents with niche in social media marketing.

In short. I belong to the field of media and marketing. I do short films, commercial photography, copywriting and sometimes dabble with colors and canvas as an enthusiast.

I have designed book covers, magazine cover as an Art Director for a publisher in New York. Created numerous advertising campaigns for clients ranging from financial institutions, to hospitals and law firms, fashion designers to restaurants.

I love drama. Bold and in the face work. Some of my favorite artists include Dali, MF Husain, and everyone who shocks me. I run a Facebook Group called Texas Muslim Artists to provide space to emerging local artists. 

Hope I learn from everyone in the exhibit, meet awesome people and make new friends the art industry.“

Voted Best Art Gallery 2019 in "Best of Northwest Arkansas”


PO Box 1925
Fayetteville AR 72702
(479) 871-2722

Gallery Hours are Suspended for COVID19

Wed-Sat 10am-2pm and 3pm-7pm

Sunday 1pm-3pm

Closed on the Wednesdays the day before 1st Thursday

Open for special events & by appointment