Morgan Bame

Morgan Bame is a self-taught knitter from Helena, Arkansas, creating her first project while in boarding school using YouTube videos as references. As a result, she developed a fascination with the craft and pursued independent learning until attending the University of Arkansas and discovered a large local knitting community. While attending school, she worked in a knitting shop and spent hours learning and refining new techniques. After graduation she pursued knitting for part-time income, focusing on commissions and sales. Bame currently creates original designs in both fashion and non-wearable art.

About the Work

Anxiety of the Unseen — I knit a 9’ x 5’ portrait of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. that is invisible when viewed straight on and can only be seen at an angle. Being “other” within a society often comes with the burden and fear of being overlooked by conventional standards. For those who are ethnically or socially outsiders in their community, there exists an everpresent threat that their artistic talents, innovative thinking, and even personhood are at risk of being denied or ignored by the majority. Even so, the absence of acknowledgment does not erase the persistence of presence.

Voted Best Art Gallery 2019 in "Best of Northwest Arkansas”


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