MJ Fentis

I am a digital and mixed-media artist. I have developed a technique I term as ‘SoulFuzion’ which is my way of using digital applications in an organic free flowing manner. This technique gives most of my artwork a non-digital look and a quality that I take pride in.

My style is Afro-futuristic which comes from my idealistic and romantic inner visions of ‘what was’ combined with ‘what is to come’. All my artwork and designs start from the ‘flow of the line’. My use of color and texture comes secondly as I seek to tell the story with the emotions I am feeling at a given time. I am strongly into the flow of the line and how lines and colors come together and blend to create beauty in visual motion. I am trying to keep my art positive and with a universal sense of love

I consider myself an old school revolutionary still trying to stay relevant and contemporary through my artwork. I was a political activist and radical in my younger years. And still believe that the struggle continues and the agenda remains the same: Peace, Love and positive change.

As a revolutionary artist, I seek to create positive, meaningful art and use that as a vehicle to give back and promote personal enlightenment. I feel that through art and love I have been given a second chance at life. Some of us have a harder and much more complicated journey in life, but I am very appreciative to be where I am right now in my journey. Still, at the same time I feel, somewhat unfulfilled in that I have not yet been able to share and give back more.

There is art for art sake. There is art for monetary gain. And there has always been art for positive and revolutionary change. Black and Universal love is the radical concept I am trying to promote now through my art.

My true vision, it’s not just about art, it is also about the way of reciprocity in life and art; that essential connection between humanity and beauty, the need to see beyond lines of conflict and into lines of universal connection. Simply stated I want to make a difference on whatever level I can and my art is the way I seek to do this.

Voted Best Art Gallery 2019 in "Best of Northwest Arkansas”


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