Melissa Milton

Melissa Milton is a native of Fayetteville, Arkansas who was born during the turbulent 1960’s and came of age in the groovy 1970’s. The colorful clothing, interior décor, and art of those decades influences her artistic expression. The family of colors and designs associated with those eras frequently find their way into her artwork. 

About the Artist

Like many busy people with business type careers, as an adult Melissa only dabbled in art on occasion as time permitted. Late in life, after raising a family and being sidelined from a decades long legal career by a neurological disorder, she took up art in earnest. Creating art was initially conceived a way to combat boredom. Unable to stand for more than 5 minutes and with other time limitations on sitting up, she needed something interesting to do during the long daily hours of being forced to lie down. However, creating art soon took on a joyous life of its own. 

Melissa decided to take up digital painting instead of wet paint for a very pragmatic reason: She couldn’t spill paint on herself or the furniture while lying down if she were using conductive paint brushes on the surface of an electronic tablet. The first of her art pieces were paintings but one day, during one of her daily water therapy sessions, it occurred to her that she could take underwater photographs of other people and then later digitally paint upon those photos. This led to a new genre of art she still explores. A few months later the water art expanded into photographing colored liquids suspended in water and later digitally painting upon the resulting shapes. 

Although she can only stand for about five minutes on land, Melissa can move quite freely (and happily) in the low gravity environment of water as long as she moves slowly. This much savored freedom of physical movement in the near weightless environment of water weaves a common thread throughout much of her art. If you observe closely, you’ll notice that most of Melissa’s colorful art pieces involve a person, animal, or object moving almost weightlessly through air or water.

Melissa creates art for three reasons. First, she enjoys it immensely. Second, she hopes viewing her work brings others some pleasure (and she is always interested in hearing other people’s interpretations of her art pieces). Third, she hopes that the story of the circumstances which birthed her art might help inspire others who face any type of life challenge to seek out new, positive opportunities for themselves regardless of any apparent obstacles.

Voted Best Art Gallery 2019 in "Best of Northwest Arkansas”


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