Cheryl Kellar

Cheryl Kellar was born in St. Augustine, Florida, raised in Houston, Texas, and has found home is Fayetteville, Arkansas. She is a watercolor artist painting themes of high fashion.

Some of Cheryl’s earliest memories are of creating clothes for her paper dolls from the pictures she found in her mother’s fashion catalogs and sewing patterns. In elementary school she began to draw beautiful women in elaborate costumes. Kellar’s firm belief that fashion is art drives her to explore ways of expressing the magic and drama of all things fashion in her work.

Kellar began her art studies with Jacquelyn Kaucher at the Arkansas Arts Center in 2002, and thereafter joined Mid-Southern Watercolorists, a volunteer arts organization in which she held various administrative positions. Her position as workshop chair offered the opportunity to seek out a variety of excellent artists and instructors with whom to study. In 2018, Kellar became an Artist INC fellow.

Through the lens of fashion, Cheryl Kellar salutes the creativity, individuality, and strength of women. Recognized for her bold and dramatic works on paper, she continues to push boundaries through her non-traditional approach to watercolor painting.

About the Work

High Fashion Meets Fine Art

Through our personal fashion choices, we — consciously or unconsciously — project how we see ourselves, what we believe in, even how we feel on any given day. When we make any fashion statement, we are actually starting a conversation.

Haute couture, or high fashion, describes fashion designs that are certainly unique, perhaps trendy, and oftentimes expensive. The creation of an haute couture garment is done entirely by hand, just as a painting is done by the hand of the artist. Each comes from the purest space of the creator’s heart, and they make you look!

I use strong value contrasts, often described as chiaroscuro lighting, to build drama in my high-fashion watercolor works on paper. Through the lens of fashion in art, I salute the creativity, individuality, and strength of women.

Voted Best Art Gallery 2019 in "Best of Northwest Arkansas”


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