Candace Dolls

Candace Dolls spent her childhood in Star City, Arkansas, Arlington, Texas and Helena-West Helena, Arkansas as the eldest of three children (two brothers and herself). Her father was the very first artist she ever admired. Although it wasn’t a life passion for him, she discovered early on that it would be for her and she began drawing around the age of 4. Her interest in art was followed soon after by her brothers’.

Throughout their lives, art was ever-present as a favorite pastime. During her adolescent years, art became an outlet and a source of healing. Her art teacher and mentor, Brent Harris, molded her talent and urged her to pursue art as a major in college. After graduating from Central High School in Helena-West Helena, Arkansas, she pursued a degree in fashion design at the Art Institute of Dallas. Back in Helena, Candace has used her incredible talent and heart to work as a seamstress at a local children’s boutique (Haute Pare) and as a mentor to students at Central High School and Miller Junior High School.

She is now pursuing a degree in education while conquering her first year of teaching art at Forrest City Junior High School in Forrest City, Arkansas. In the midst of overcoming difficulty and welcoming victories, she has her daughter Brennan and her son Canaan to keep her motivated.

About the Work

As an artist I try to convey my history as well as tell a story that leaves an essential question lingering inside the viewers mind. I don’t like to describe my artwork as aimless or random. But I will say, I seldom have a vision of how the painting will turn out before it is done. I start with prayer and a concept or a very short description of what a client may want. I find that too many words cramp my creative flow. While creating the pieces for the Scipio Jones biography, the process was mostly the same. My favorite forms of art are illustration and painting using a subtle mix of styles reminiscent of realism, expressionism and African art. My favorite medium is graphite, charcoal, watercolor and acrylic. I love using bold, vivid colors to make a lasting impression.

Voted Best Art Gallery 2019 in "Best of Northwest Arkansas”


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