Behnaz Sohrabian

Born and educated in Tehran, Iran, Behnaz Sohrabian discovered her love of art, freedom and creative expression as a small child, developed a passion for painting and began her professional art career at the age of 10.

Behnaz earned a B.S. in Applied Chemistry from Azad University – Tehran, a B.A. in Painting from Alzahra University – Tehran, and a Master of Arts in Art Studies from Art University -Tehran. After completing her Master’s degree she immigrated to the United States in 2010 and became a naturalized U.S. citizen in 2017.

Her work has been recognized and featured in art shows around the globe including most recently – Best of Show, 63rd Annual IAA Dallas Exhibition (June 2018), Honorable Mention, 88th Annual Exhibition, National Art League (2018), Love Show, JRB Gallery, USA (2018), Merit Award, PAA Member’s Show (2018), National Art League 87th Annual Juried, 2nd Place Award (May 2017), and Batesville, Arkansas BAAC Gallery (April 2017).

About the Work

My work is about me, about being a woman and giving voice to the many challenges that women face in this era. I paint women as strong individuals free to express their feminine power and vision for a better world. I paint women as delicate and sensitive, but never weak. The people and natural world that I paint are manifestations of love, the highest expression we know in this life.
My aim is to paint simply. I apply easy brush strokes, emphasizing light and shadow as well as the dynamics between the subject and background. I choose varied subject matter to convey the concept of femininity with simplicity, natural beauty, and inspiration. Women, our beloved animals, flowers, and mother earth symbolize the essential power of creation in our world. They interact with an intentionally sensuous dance that expresses the process of fertility and reproduction, strength and compassion. My art explores the drama, texture and wonder of this creative process.

Voted Best Art Gallery 2019 in "Best of Northwest Arkansas”


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